Ever wondered how closely knit the process of accomplishing your growth ambitions and pursuing the potential funding really is?

Without sufficient financing, you’re unable to expand your premises, initiate new projects, secure a buyout or explore different opportunities.

And here’s the brutal truth…

Every second of handicapping yourself from profitable opportunities can hinder your business growth and success.

You don’t want that, do you?

Are you going to let the cash flow issues affect your business?

Or are you going to solve this problem once and for all?

Choosing a reliable consulting funding service can help you solve all your financing problems, and save your efforts to focus more on executing your plans or projects.

But we get it…

Finding the best funding deal isn’t as easy as it seems. Right?

For one, you don’t necessarily have time to perform endless searches for wandering in the maze of mediocre-to-less-than-stellar grants. Secondly, you might now know the right techniques to sift through the best combination of loans or you might not have access to private investors, family offices that take the time to understand you and your business.

Have you tried to pitch your deals to bankers that wasted your efforts in the months-long marathon with no success?

Positioned your company in a strategic place… all that to be left empty-handed every time?

Well, the tables are about to turn!

What if there was an easier, quicker and most reliable solution to optimize your investment objectives without ever wasting time, energy and resources?

We are the Chicago Family Office

An innovative, cutting-edge funding company that aligns your investment portfolio with your values and mission without ever sacrificing the desired results. We are a single family office with mandates to invest in real estate, technology, healthcare, and environmental projects. Even if your goals fall outside of our current focus, we have relationships with other family offices and institutions that we will access to help you achieve your goals.
Unlike other financing services in the market, our consulting company is the only proprietary solution that offers a wide network of global funding sources. To take your business or project to the next level, our highly qualified advisors provide the optimum strategic solutions that are best tailored to your unique needs.

Not only that, we go beyond just recommending the performance and ESG strategies to help you explore high-quality financing opportunities and meaningful impact.

Here’s how we can help you

Cover Different Areas For Added Convenience

Never again will you worry about accessing funding from a vast range of lenders, equity investors or government grant agencies. Whether you need a loan for impact investing, real estate, commodities or start-up companies, we’ve got you covered.

Build A Resilient And Scalable

To ensure your projects or business goal stand up to the rigours of persistent investor inspection, we conduct comprehensive ESG upfront due diligence, selection, monitoring and reporting.

Explore Creative Funding Opportunities

Don’t know which loan is right for you? No worries! To amaze you with the perfect combination of deals, we sift through unique opportunities from the bank and alternative lenders while taking out all the lengthy-searches hassles for you.

Support Domestic And Global
Funding Network

Let the highly advanced technologies connect you to the domestic or global funding network. With the utmost guidance and unmatched actionable plans from our experts, you know you’re going to outperform in all your projects.

Flexible Investment

From traditional mortgages to asset-based loans, crowdfunding to private money, we offer fully customizable plans for businesses large and small so you can rest confidently knowing you are in a prime position to raise money for your business or projects.

So what are you waiting for? 

If you want to strengthen your working capital position, refinance an existing loan or invest in the expansion then simply click the link below to schedule a free funding call with us today.

In this call, you’ll discover how we can help you provide innovative funding solutions to support your ambitious growth plans. You will also get customized solutions and game-changing strategies based on your specific needs.

There are no obligations or strings attached. Promise. You only work with us if you think that we’re the right fit.

Even if you don’t want to hire us after the call, you’ll still end up getting valuable insights. So, it’s essentially a win-win for you!

Don’t miss out and click the link below to schedule a free funding call with us today.

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